Home Inspections

Home Inspections | Residential Property InspectionsThe home buying process can be confusing and stressful. Not only do you need to consider things such as price and location, you also have to worry about whether the house itself has any problems that could become costly surprises down the road. Our primary goal is to ensure the house you are buying meets your expectations, whether it’s the distressed property you are considering putting time and effort into or the new construction you hope is ready to move in.

About the Inspection

The inspection is an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the house. It provides you an expert opinion and professional report on the condition of the physical structure and all the systems within a house. Giving you peace of mind on what is likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make.

The home inspection process typically takes about three hours to complete. This of course may vary, according to the size and condition of the home. We strongly encourage you to accompany the inspector during the inspection. This will give you a chance to ask questions and become familiar with the systems of the home.

What is Inspected

Our goal is to discover and inform you of anything we find that might affect your purchase decision. We’ll tell you about any problems we find, and make repair recommendations. The home inspection encompasses any area that is accessible; from the roof to the crawl space. Additional items and systems unique to a particular home can also be inspected.

Items that will typically be included in an home inspection are:

  • Framing (structure)
  • Roof and attic
  • Foundation
  • Walls
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing system
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Kitchen and Appliances
  • Bathrooms
  • Crawl spaces

For a detailed description of the minimum standards for licensed home inspections in Washington state click on Standards of Practice. The home inspection also includes a Structural Pest Inspection. Both inspections are combined in one report so you have a clearly written single document that covers both inspections.

End of Home Inspection Consultation

If you can be with us during the home inspection we’ll discuss issues as they arise and meet at the end to answer questions and review. An alternative for a lot of people is an “end of inspection consultation” which is a great way to meet the home inspector, visit the site and discuss the findings without having to take three hours away from work or family. In these cases we arrange to call you near the end of the inspection so we can meet at the house after the inspection. We’ll discuss with you any discrepancies, cover the history of the house based on visual clues, talk about any routine maintenance that should be performed as well as answer any questions you may have.

Home Inspection Report

The inspection report format is a very important part of the home inspection process. With Inside N Out you’ll receive a professional, well organized, clearly written report in digital format with web links to relevant content, full color images, narrative description, recommendations and a summary section for quick reference. The reports are delivered within one business day (usually same day) by an email link or hardcopy on request. There are numerous report styles out there that would get a C- in middle school, don’t settle for check box reports with confusing report formats and generic descriptions of discrepancies that do little to clarify the conditions of your house. The report format says a lot about the inspector and how he/she performs. Ask for a sample report if you are looking for the home inspector that is right for you.

Got Questions?

To request a sample report, discuss topics such as the scope of the inspection, schedule an inspection or any other questions, please feel free to contact us: Call 360-393-0274