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Water Heater Expansion Tank?

What is Thermal Expansion? When water is heated it expands. For example, water heated from 90°F to a thermostat setting of 140°F in a 40 gallon hot water heater will expand by almost one-half gallon. This is because when water is heated, its density decreases and its volume expands (see below). Since water is not... Read More

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Client Bill of Rights

As a profession, home inspectors have an ethical obligation to the public. This obligation includes integrity, competency, honesty, confidentiality, objectivity and an interest in public safety.  In recognition of this obligation, we hereby promote and proclaim these rights for our clients. I. To be assured, the inspector is objective in his or her reporting and... Read More

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Want to learn the history of your house?

If you are up for doing a bit of research there are some great resources in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Interested in finding archive pictures of your house, previous owner history and lots of other information?  The first place to start is the Whatcom Museum of History, they have a great collection of black and white... Read More

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Carbon monoxide detector basics

Difference between smoke and CO detectors. CO detectors do not serve as smoke detectors and vice versa. However, dual smoke/CO detectors are also sold. Smoke detectors detect the smoke generated by flaming or smoldering fires, whereas CO detectors can alarm people about faulty fuel burning devices to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is produced... Read More

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Carbon Monoxide detectors required?

A thoughtful realtor emailed me this bulletin and I thought it was worthy of passing on. This is a reprint from Northwest Multiple Listing Service NWMLS Legal Bulletin #193: 1. Introduction This bulletin summarizes new “point of sale” requirements related to the installation of carbon monoxide alarms and the corresponding revisions to NWMLS’s purchase and sale... Read More

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What is a Standard of Practice?

When performing a residential home inspection in Washington state there are ethical and operational standards that a licensed inspector is required to follow. Known as the “Standard of Practice” (SOP) the standard details the scope of work (minimum inspection requirements). Clicke here for a pdf version of the Standards of Practice Standards of practice (SOP) — Purpose and... Read More

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Code of Ethics for Inspections?

The ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Code of Ethics details the core guidelines of home inspection professionalism and home inspection ethics. Covering crucial issues such as conflicts of interest, good faith and public perception, these home inspection ethics are central pillars of home inspection professionalism for the entire industry. Integrity, honesty, and objectivity are... Read More

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Icemaker Inspectors?

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Inspection vs Apprasial

Do I need a Home Inspection when my bank is having the house appraised?  Yes! An appraisal is an independent evaluation of the current market value of a house or property. In general, the purpose of an appraisal is to set the current value of a house so that a lender may determine how much it... Read More

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Home Inspector or Engineer?

You need a home inspector. The term Professional Engineer does not mean that the individual has training or experience conducting home inspections, similarly home inspectors are not always qualified to perform the duties of an engineer. When you hire a home inspector, you are hiring an experienced professional who has training and experience in the... Read More

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