Residential Home Inspections | Commercial Property InspectionsWelcome to Inside N Out Inspection Services specializing in performing professional Commercial Property Inspection and Residential Home Inspection services.

Who We Are

We are a locally-owned and operated commercial inspection and residential inspection company that has grown over the years primarily through referrals from satisfied customers and trusted real estate professionals. We understand the importance of a detailed and thorough building inspections and infrared thermography services, are committed to professionalism and take pride in a reputation of integrity and honesty.

Dennis Flaherty is owner and principal inspector of Inside N Out.

Services We Provide

Visit the Commercial Property Inspections page to learn more about property condition assessments (PCA), Pre/post Lease Surveys and other commercial services we provide.

Visit our Residential Home Inspection Services page to find out more about our home buyers inspections, pre-listing inspections, structural pest inspections and more.

Our Thermal imaging services can be an integral part of the commercial and residential inspections. Additionally, we provide thermal imaging services such as roof scans, building envelope studies, energy audits, moisture intrusion investigations and many other applications.

Inspection Reports

You can expect a comprehensive, clear and concise narrative style report with easy to read explanations, descriptions of discrepancies and recommended solutions. Also, noted issues are supported by digital photographs and diagrams, and the report includes a includes an easy to understand summary section. Report delivery is a “one click” report access process whereby your report is sent via email. For those who prefer paper copies delivered to them offer that option as well.

Providing inspection services in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, Island and King counties since 2005.

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