What Was It?

Over the years there has been some interesting observations. These images are from homes and businesses and give clues that something isn’t quite right or may be very obvious. See if you can figure out what’s going on (admittedly it can be tough without “the big picture”) which is what we provide in the inspection process.

What was it

[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00044.jpg]1630Old wiring in the attic?
<FONT SIZE="+2">In this image you can see the white insulator at the top but look close at the conductor and notice the insulation is missing and the energized center conductor is exposed and surrounded by sawdust insulation, not a good combination.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00045.jpg]1150Girder (structural beam) in the crawl space.
<FONT SIZE="+2">We have a wood destroying pest in the northwest called the Anobiid Beetle and this is what they can do left unchecked. The interior of this beam is greater than 50% gone.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00046.jpg]930Crawl spaces can be challenging locations to inspect. Notice anything here?
<FONT SIZE="+2">
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00048.jpg]820Crawl spaces can be dangerous!
<FONT SIZE="+2">Exposed electrical is one of the biggest risks in a crawl space. In this image I found an old conductor and followed it under the vapor barrier, revealing and exposed energized conductor end.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00049.jpg]740High heating bill?
<FONT SIZE="+2">This plenum (heating duct) and filter slot were wide open into the crawl space. When the crawl space is as warm as the house its a clue somethings not right.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00053.jpg]760Electrical is easy to tell when someone inexperienced has been on the job.
<FONT SIZE="+2">This receptacle box was way over crowded, the grounds weren't properly terminated and conductors weren't clamped at the knock outs.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00054.jpg]740Thank You!
<FONT SIZE="+2">It's so nice (very rare) to see professionally updated attic electrical. I had to include this image because nice work is rare to find.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00056.jpg]700Hole in the side of a wood chimney chase
<FONT SIZE="+2">Knot hole knocked out and oversized by birds.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00057.jpg]660Tree to close to house?
<FONT SIZE="+2">Someone must have heard this tree rubbing on the side of the house. This has been going on for a long time!
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00058.jpg]640Rusted galvanized pipes.
<FONT SIZE="+2">The top of this galvanized water supply line is rusted almost all the way through. The thing that gets me is the diagonal black drain line (behind it) with a "no hub" connection that still has the label on it, meaning someone with some plumbing experience had to work around the rusted pipe to install the new sewer line but didn't do anything about the supply line that can burst at any time! Classic.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00060.jpg]660Something as small as this will be the only indication of a potential issue
<FONT SIZE="+2">This is a fill line for an unused underground oil storage tank that may be costly to remove from under the deck.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00061.jpg]680Shiny, squishy popcorn like stuff
<FONT SIZE="+2">This is vermiculite insulation found in homes in the 1950's.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00062.jpg]730Brick foundation and chimney base
<FONT SIZE="+2">
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00065.jpg]630A line of powdery sawdust in the crawl space?
<FONT SIZE="+2">This is a classic sign of an active Anobiid Beetle infestation (wood destroying pest here in the northwest), this is known as frass. The beetles are barely visible to the human eye but over time they can really do some damage.
[img src=https://www.insidenout.net/wp-content/flagallery/what-was-it/thumbs/thumbs_was00108.jpg]560Anything missing?
This house had been stripped of anything removable, light fixtures, plumbing and even all the circuit breakers.